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Fussy Eating Issues? Turn Fussy Eating Around with this life-changing resource!

Our Fussy Eating Bundle has you covered. Use our tried and tested strategies and solutions and help your children eat and love a wide variety of foods today!

No parenting journey is smooth sailing. It doesn't mean you're failing if you have a fussy eater (Did you know Nigella Lawson was a fussy eater when she was little?). It just means you need a helping hand. The Fussy Eating Bundle we've put together for you is a culmination of all the work we've done with parents in the past decade on fussiness. You now have everything you need to turn this fussy ship around.

Does this sound like you?

Is mealtime always a struggle at your house?

Do your kids throw tantrums and throw food off the table yelling "I don't like it!"?

Are you at your wits end with your child's limited diet?

Do your kids reject your lovingly created meals again and again?

Are you worried that they aren't getting all the nutrition they need?

Are you stressed out about what to serve at mealtime?

Sick of bargaining, bribing and begging your kids to eat their food?

Are you frustrated that they only want sweets, snacks, processed foods or white foods?

Are you tired of making multiple meals to suit the 'fussy one' and the 'good' eaters?

Parents, caregivers and grandparents!

It's time to end arguments for good, learn how to create peace and fun at mealtime, and help your kids become adventurous eaters.

Take a look at what some of the parents we've worked with over the years are saying about our strategies...


In The Fussy Eating Bundle You'll Learn ...

The most common feeding pitfalls of fussy eating and how to overcome them.

What we might be saying as parents and carers that could be sabotaging our efforts (Ouch, right? But it's important!).

How to start to untangle bad behaviours - including rudeness to you - TODAY.

Specific ways to talk about food with your children so you can step away from frustrating "yes you can / no you can't" food arguments and all be on the same team!

Tips to encourage kids to try new foods every day and long term solutions to combat fussy eating behaviours. How to raise, healthy, happy eaters and help them thrive.

How to help your kids develop a good relationship with food and understand how different foods work together to help them reach their full potential in life.


Created by Integrative Health Coaches Alexx Stuart and Brenda Janschek and their guest experts

FOR ONLY $550 $49


Brenda Janschek's Masterclass on Broadening Your Kids' Veggie Horizons

Value: $50

  • This Masterclass with Brenda is all about tips and tricks to encourage your kids to eat more veggies and help them set up healthy habits for life. Vegetables give our kids energy and protect them against chronic disease, so while they're important, many parents struggle with the delivery and success of getting veg into the daily diet.
  • Learn about different ways to deliver the new foods at mealtime to ensure greater success for little and big kids and, of course, the importance of making food fun.
  • Learn how to add veggies at breakfast to increase their daily veggie intake as well as simple recipes to help you achieve this.
  • Learn how to use Brenda's 'double-up' technique to increase your kids veggie intake as well as many ways you can add more variety of vegetables into the vegetables based dishes your children already love, like mash potatoes.
  • You'll receive new vegetable-based recipes your child might love (including a dessert!).

Video Masterclass with Alexx - 'Boundaries and Banquets'

Value: $50

  • 2 of Alexx's favourite strategies for Kissing Fussy Eating Goodbye from today.
  • You'll learn how firm boundaries create more love and peace in the home, contrary to the believe that it feels more like you're being more strict and dishing out more discipline.
  • Boundaries delivered the right way, are going to eliminate food rudeness in your house THIS WEEK - Not even joking!
  • Learn how the way you serve a meal can alleviate stress, control issues and arguments at the table as the feeling you're a short-order cook, relentlessly trying to please everyone!
  • Learn how a certain way to serve a family meal takes the pressure off the 'they'll go hungry' thinking and gives you the stress-free freedom to them work on your long-game at a pace that works for you and your child.

Family meal inspiration and Fussy Eating Tips Webinar

Value: $50

This webinar helps to make sure your kids are getting all the nutrients they need to build a strong immune system and live their lives to the fullest in positive, thriving health. We help you understand exactly what nutrient density comprises so that you can learn how to flood your kids bodies with nutrients, helping them feel fuller for longer so they aren't constantly snacking or grazing and reaching for high energy foods which mess with their blood sugar.

You'll learn how to up the nutrient density of Mexican, Chicken Schnitzel/Nuggets, Spaghetti Bolognese and Mash Potato which will give your kids a nice warm up into appreciating all those veg and other nutrients you're adding in.


Nutrient Boosting and Fussy Eating Tips Webinar

Value: $50

Kids have higher nutritional demands than adults purely because they are still growing. But when we have a picky eater, we worry that our kids aren't getting enough essential nutrients in their diet, and truth is, nutritional deficiencies can then make the picky eating even worse.

In this webinar we share exciting ways you can get a heap of nutrition into popular family recipes - Lasagna, Mexican Beans and Rice, Porridge and Hot Cakes.


Expert interview with Simone Emery from Play with Food

Value: $100

Simone is a feeding expert, nutritionist and food technologist and demystifies what might be going on with your fussy kids; the main reasons for fussy eating behaviours at different ages; and powerful strategies and ideas to help your children diversify their eating range. Transcript and soundcloud file provided.


Expert interview with Meg McIntock

Value: $100

Expert interview with Meg McIntock, Principal Dietician at Choose Nutrition, accredited nutritionist and body image advocate helps us understand how to help our tweens and teens overcome fussy eating behaviours. It can be more complicated than you think! Transcript and soundcloud file provided.


Fussy Eating Epidemic Workshop

Value: $50

  • What is with fussy eating these days? Well, turns out, it's a complex, layered problem, with clear and simple solutions. That's the good news! In this webinar we share our 3 x 3:
  • Three surprising reasons your child is a fussy eater
  • The three main ways we parents can perpetuate fussy eating (ouch!).
  • Three proven, clear strategies for getting your kids curious to expand their food horizons
  • Our 3 x 3 will leave you with big AHA's and clear action you can take!

PDF document with listed, step by step, proven strategies to combat fussy eating

Value: $50

In our Fussy Eating Strategies E-Book we share the 16 most powerful strategies we've used with success for parents around the world when it comes to banishing fussy eating.

You will learn the behavioural, psychological, practical, cooking and serving techniques that support a path to peace at the family table and your kids enjoying a broad range of foods, being curious about cooking, and where food comes from.

We can't wait to see what end up being the most powerful tools for you and your family.

Here's to creating a new story when it comes to food at your place!

Bren & Alexx x


The Fussy Eating Bundle will let you sleep soundly at night knowing your mealtime battles have ended, and your kids are well-nourished, growing and thriving.


30 Day Risk Free Guarantee

If you try The Fussy Eating Bundle and by the end of 30 days for some reason you decide it's not for you we will give you your money back. Just email [email protected] to ask for a full refund. No questions asked, no hassles.


Fancy even more resources?

Grab our bonus Fussy Eating Added-Resource Bundle worth $180, for only an extra $19
which includes entry into our priceless parent chat group for ongoing support form likeminded parents and us!


Additive Detective Game

Value: $30

"Additive Detective Game" workbook which kids love doing! Teaching kids about food industry basics/additives basics helps them realize "Mum isn't being mean, this stuff is actually just not the best for my body".


Food for the Body

Value: $30

In this download, you receive a list of which specific foods are good for the different parts of the body with advice and wording on teaching your child wake up to the connection between food and their goals/favourite things to do.


Gut Health

Value: $20

"Good guys versus bad guys" Star Wars style script! Learn a simple way to explain why tummy bugs are important and which foods help the good guys and which ones feed the baddies. You'll learn how to take this metaphor into specific metaphors that hit home for your child.


Alexx chats to Naturopath and Nutritionist Georgia Harding

Value: $100

Access to an expert interview between Alexx Stuart and Naturopath and Nutritionist Georgia Harding, with an overall look at kids nutrition, live foods vs sterile ones, hidden deficiencies to be aware of that are linked to fussy eating. We cover cultural shifts, biggest threats to our children's health, key deficiencies and simple additions that support upping your child's levels to avoid the cascading effects of deficiencies


Join over 1000 like minds in our Thrive Parent chat group

Value: Priceless

Access to the Thrive Parent Chat Community, where we've housed the bumper Thrive E course in the past, is now open to our Fussy Eating Bundle parents too, is the perfect ongoing support. It can be just the encouragement you need when you're working through a behavioural challenge or deciding which crackers are best or what butcher or market to go to near you. Over 1000 like-minded parents are there to share wisdom and support you.


I'm Alexx Stuart. I'm an integrative health coach, speaker, author of the book "Low Tox Life" and website/podcast and social platforms by the same name. Since beginning Low Tox Life in 2010 something became very clear early on: It's not just about WHAT needs to change - we all often know what would be 'ideal', right? No, it's the WAY in which we change for changes to then work and last, so everything I've built and created has been geared towards the psychological aspects of change, not just the practical. When it comes to children's health and helping parents navigate raising kids low tox, we have the food system, chemical industry and cultural norms to unpack, understand and rethink as we build up our children to thrive. Can it be done? YEP. Helping parents in this area has become one of my great passions.

And I'm Brenda Janschek. I'm an integrative health coach, wellness blogger, recipe creator and passionate advocate for women's and children's health and mum of two teens. Through my workshops/cooking displays, coaching, kids cooking classes, kitchen makeovers and e-courses, I endeavor to inspire and empower positive well-being in families across Australia and beyond. My tips and strategies have helped hundreds of families work through fussy eating, reduce mealtime stress, raise adventurous eaters who love to eat wholesome, healthy meals.


Ready to End Fussy Eating?

Integrative Health Coaches Alexx Stuart and Brenda Janschek and their guest experts

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2 Fussy Eating practitioner interviews

3 Fussy Eating coaching webinars

2 Fussy Eating Masterclasses

2 Fussy Eating Strategies EBook

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1 x Interview with naturopath/nutritionist on foods that help children thrive

3 x Fussy Eating Strategy EBooks that empower kids to actively choose high-quality foods (most of the time, hehe!) 

Entry into the Thrive Parents chat group for ongoing support.

For only an extra $19

Turn Fussy Eating around today!